Monday, February 22, 2016

Went Bananas in the Year of the Monkey

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Today marks the last day of Chinese New Year, and how did it go? I'm like really old now lmao, so one thing about CNY as you grow older (and not having that many relatives) is that it gets a teeny bit boring. To the point I spent most of my time with bubs and my friends instead.


Well, the first two days were of course with the fambam. Dropped by my stepmom's house on the first, and then visited poh poh on the second. Poh-poh's really sweet as usual, and every year us siblings are really keen to drop by. Well, because of the food. She makes a really kick-ass "sambal" gais!

And then we also celebrated Kitty and Panda's birthday, which falls on the 12th and 14th of February. Yeap, on Valentine's day heh. Because all of us are abstaining (for Lent) and we couldn't have meat, we decided to have a simple buffet at MAIU instead. Thank Jesus we're alright to have seafood.

Photo taken really long time ago, shows that we don't really take photos together. We quarrel too much hah!

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Met up with Daph earlier last weekend, because I needed someone to talk to. Sometimes it's weird that we have similar life problems, and the best we can do for ourselves is to hear each other out. And trust me, it helped a tonne.

Did a few house visits this CNY too! There was one I wanted to skip in particular, most of those who were there knew why. True enough, when I stepped in I hear things like eh so how's the work? Not done yet? Call lah, better make sure. *hissss* Just an FYI, we're not slaves. Another FYI, the bloggers are not your slaves too. So stop being rude.

Couldn't wait till I leave that gathering honestly, although I love the owner of the house to bits. But this really ruined my CNY.

Happy Valentine's! Well, we kinda did not celebrate it (yet) because I don't normally celebrate Valentine's on the day itself. I hate the crowd, and I hate the hiked up prices more. But we got each other something, and that kinda counts. =)

Yesterday marks the 3 months that we're officially together. And it couldn't have been better. I'm really blessed that I've found someone that can tolerate my moodiness, AND PUNS. Love you lots for stepping into my life.



Pui Yee said...

Awhhh. Hope you and Bubs stay adorable together! X

Bunny said...

Ngaww thanks py! <3 You and D too! =p