Monday, February 15, 2016

I Miss Them Beer-y Much.

Happy Birthday Addy!

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This fella right here has been my partner in crime for more than a year. Honestly we both were a bit upset when we left. I remembered when he was still a newbie, more than half a year later he became my boss heh. We had the silliest times, and of course some serious ones as well.

It was his birthday recently so we decided to meet up!

Went through the drinks menu and I’ve tried almost everything except Chang Beer. So yeah why not. Did you know that Chang in Thai actually means elephant? This is because it’s an animal with cultural and historical significance in Thailand.

Chang beer is also the top selling beer in Thailand, so if it can’t go wrong for all those Thais, it can’t go wrong for us too lol! For all you football fans out there, I’m sure that you are aware that Chang is also the main sponsor for the Everton Football Club too.

Say hello to Lance! Another one of the guys that irritates us to no end, but we still love him just the same. =) Nothing’s the same without him!

For me, I do enjoy having a beer once in a while, it certainly doesn’t beat having it with the right company. And when two of them come together, it certainly makes for an afternoon that can’t go wrong.

Catching up with Addy and Lance has certainly managed to brighten up my day, we may not spend as much time as we used to while working in the same company, but whenever we meet it’s like we’ve never left each other’s side. It’s important for us to grow as individuals; whether it’d be career or relationships, however one should not forget that we are all crafted by the company that we surround ourselves in.

P.S: Couple sandals with Addy. 
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Hey, lookie who tagged along after. =p

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