Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello 2016!

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Goodness it's been awhile! Hello blog, I'm sorry for neglecting you since *checks last post* last April. What inspired me to come back? Should be this morning I guess, but I'll save that for later! Where tf should I even start?

The Ups and Downs:

Well, I broke up half a year ago. Wasn't that upset tbh because I was waiting for it? There will come a time you'll know when your other half is not 'The One". Things change, people change too. We tried fixing it, but when the time came both of us agreed to let go because hey! It's for the best.

Trust me when I said I wasn't upset about it lol. Why? I was half working in Project Space (a cafe fyi) and half looking for a job.

If you guys are wondering: Why Space wtf it's in Subang #jesuschrist .

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It's mainly because of Daph honestly. When I was still in Nuffnang I remembered my first meet up with her. Not going to mention the brand but it was for a removal campaign, and she was grumpy af. Time passed and I hung out at her cafe so often even the baristas and ground crew knew me. I'd set meetings there, and then spend the rest of the day finishing up whatever work that I have.

I miss those times. =)

Nuffnang, no. Let me rephrase that. Tim helped me realise something when he offered me the role of a Talent Manager.

How's it like being a Talent Manager?

On the outside, of course it's tons of fun! The events and hanging out with the bloggers. But at the end of the day, after all that socialising and client entertaining comes the workload. Trust me when I mention workload, I do MEAN workload.

TMs not only attend events btw, we have to handle the bloggers and manage their expectations as best as we can. Imagine having to handle different types of people, with different schedules and requests, from different clients. The amount of e-mails and procedures we have to follow. D:

Don't get me wrong, the bloggers are total dolls! And I love all of them to bits! =) Imagine them going off on a trip and coming back with treats for the Nuffies. Ahhhh, such sweethearts.

On the clients end, we have to again take into consideration the campaign and make sure it's smooth all the way. Don't forget we also have to adhere to the company's beliefs and policies wtf it's never ending. We're like middle men for middle men.

Anyway, what did the role do to me? I knew more about how to handle people (grumpy ones included), and also it greatly improved my socialising skills. There's a phrase I go by: "Take responsibility for that energy you take into a room."

Before I was definitely loud, but I was just an extroverted introvert. #geddit Now I'm just, me. Heh.

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Yeah, you.
The one who left me a note in my phone this morning. It might just be a simple "I love you", but it means the world!

Bubs and I work in the same line and most of the time we're too busy. It's either he has to stay up really late, or I have to wake up really early. We don't even talk as much anymore but oh wells, at least we still get to see each other. =)

So yah, I guess that concludes most of what's happening? Heh.

P.S: Decided to drop the word 'signing off' because too many people are using it ugh.

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