Friday, February 13, 2015

9 Seputeh

Careen, bunny and Bobo

A pre-New Year post yay!
Have been working non-stop because there has been tons of campaigns that needs to go live before CNY. 
This was taken a day before Valentine's too heh.

Me this morning because I had to drive the new Honda to KBCG. 
I was really worried, but in the end I got it to them safely. Phew.

JENERIS by Ahren, Green Tea Latte

Rushed over to Nu Sentral with Jack for the next shoot. Will be bunnysitting Careen and Bo.

Here's Jack, everybody's kuli lmao.

A photo posted by Michael Chen (@michaelcsm) on

A screenshot when Micheal was checking the edits hah!

Nu Sentral's decorations were really pweety and old school!

Also bubs got me roses for pre-Valentine's ngawww.
Totally didn't leave him the strongest hint for this. *whistles*

bunnymama signing off

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