Friday, December 12, 2014

Urbanscapes 2014

The bunch of crazies that went Urbanscapes with me. =)
It's more like a reunion to me actually heh.

An expensive reunion that is.
Being someone mainstream I'd like to see what Urbanscapes is all about. Panda went to the last one and she told me that she loved it. She didn't attend this year's one because the line up wasn't really her thing.

Paperplane Pursuit

We've seen them a couple of times, but nothing beats that feeling when John jumped down the stage for a selfie with the fans!

OJ Law

Hello cutiepie OJ and Liyana.

Local Natives

Bubs told me they were awesome


Aaaaand the final act, which was really really awesome!

We got in late so we missed Jumero. *sobs* I knew about them when I was at Merdekarya and I told Kenneth and Daniel that they should head over and watch them perform first! Kenneth came back much later with their CD heh.

Psychedelic bunnies. Me like.

An awesome group photo with Enwei's GoPro. God bless that thing.

Bunny's #ootd
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Till the next Urbanscapes maybe?

bunnymama signing off


Merryn said...

I've not attended any Urbanscapes todate. Feels like a dinosaur reading this >_<

Bunny said...

Ahahaha Merryn don't liddisss.