Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift pour Noël

"What if Christmas, he thought
Doesn't come from a store?
What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?"

- Dr. Seuss

Christmas is around the corner woot woot! And honestly speaking, people like me normally ONLY have our Christmas shopping done the week before. *shrugs* I know it's a bad idea, but I definitely do not have the time now that I'm constantly running in and out for events. I've also noticed malls and stores alike are throwing discounts all around town to offer the best deals for all of us shopaholics out there.

I for one, enjoy my working environment and one of the reasons why is because that we're really flexible in terms of what we're supposed to wear to work. Hence sometimes you'd catch me walking down the street in hoodies, cute pastel dresses and sometimes even formal dresses. We do have our lazy days and also days where we're supposed to dress appropriately for events.

Now that I've experienced a change in my career, I'm no longer hiding behind computers. This means only one thing, lesser lazy days for me! D: There was one day where I dramatically threw open my cupboard doors (Sabby was judging me from the bed) in search of a proper outfit for an event. I was in a hurry too mind you and all I found was a sundress and a cardigan. I went to the event feeling a tad bit annoyed and also with less confidence.

Therefore, I came up with a list of stuff I have to have at least before next year:

Photo Credits: Leifsdottir

Having a cropped blazer imo would definitely make yourself look less huge. I have broad shoulders by default, therefore wearing a blazer would make me look like King Kong. Which also means that I look like I have no figure whatsoever once I put on the typical oversized blazer. Yes it makes you look smart, but why not opt for a cropped one instead which has the same effect but way cuter?!

Photo Credits: Michael Kors

I have a sudden obsession over MK lately and I couldn't explain why, especially if the stuff comes in black. I walk by their shops in Pavilion and I sigh. Black handbags, or in this case a black messenger bag works wonders for women because it matches with almost ALL of our outfits! Definitely adding this to the list. *hint hint*

Photo Credits: Estee Lauder

Another thing that I'd really really like is a set of perfume! I've been using my Tommy Hilfiger one for YEARS (since my days in college, which makes it around 4 years maybe?) and I'd love to have a change of brand. I've caught a whiff of Modern Muse and I already fell in love!

So yeah, in my list of wants includes a blazer, bag and a perfume. If you'd ask me about what I want last year it will totally be something else, but hey, opportunity came knocking on my door and things change. =) I too understand that Leifsdottir, MK and Estee Lauder is kinda hard for a last minute Christmas gift to get. Why not find something easier from ZALORA? Did you know that ZALORA is currently offering awesome deals online just for Christmas, and what's best is that it's just a click away!

Bunny #ootd

Sequins anyone?

Me and Tux wearing matching colors!

Top from Zalora, by Zalora
Grey Skirt from Panda.

Photo credits to Enwei for being such a doll.

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