Friday, November 7, 2014

Mitsubishi ASX Designer Edition, Maison Française

I've seen Mia countless times, but only briefly because I was passing her products and invitations mostly. It was only yesterday that I got to spend time at an event together with her, and I found out to my surprise that she is exactly the way she acts in WhatsApp conversations and her blog. 

She is legit funny!
Like for reals. Me and Michelle were laughing all over during the event.

Anyways, I was at the #RizalmanxMitsubishi event yesterday and boy it wasn't like any car launch that I've attended. (Macamlah I've attended so many lmao) Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) 's ASX Designer Edition is the first ever collaboration in Malaysia, involving a local talent Rizalman. I had no idea who Rizalman was, and felt extra bad when Mia was really excited over him. She explained that Rizalman is like one of THE top designers in Malaysia and that his work is, and I quote "is like super awesome!".

"I wanted to have him help me design my wedding, but oh wells!" she said while scrolling through his Instagram showing us his works.

This is the best photo I had of the car (because of crappy phone quality) and I apologize for not doing it justice. It's special features include having grey leather interior with yellow piping, aaaaand of course alot of other things that I don't understand. =p

One of the few yummy desserts they served there. I don't normally drink during events, but the waiter lied to us that there weren't any orange juice left. Me and Michelle went wutt? And in the end we found out that they really lied to us because a waiter came by with orange juice and Mia got excited over it.

Look at what's in the goodie bag! Nice smelling leather clutch and a funky looking pendrive!

Head over here for information about the Limited Edition #RizalmanxMitsubishi ! There're only 180 units available mind you.

bunnymama signing off


Adlexus said...

Wah so cool the doorgifts!

Bunny said...

IKR! I let you smell the leather later. (人´∀`*)

Jenny said...

That dessert you're holding definitely has me intrigued... what could that mysterious green stuff be? I thought it was a squished olive at first... ;)

Jenny | jdmvip