Sunday, November 9, 2014

Live Music Series @ Signature The Roof

Bunny Logbook
Dropped by TheRoof last Wednesday because we needed a break.

Did a Herbal Essences NeoGal party a few months back, and we loved how the inside looks like.

Huzzah to live music!

The Bunny Nom-ed:

Starter: Fresh Tataki Oysters
I'm not an oyster person, so this might taste good and I won't even know it heh. So I can't comment on this.

Main: Pasta
This one tastes really yummy! And they're not stingy with their prawns too.

Dessert: Signature Cendol & Mud Pie
Yay for desserts! Their cendol tastes different and slighty 'atas-y' and so does their Mud Pie.

Bunny and Friends

This is Nigel. I have another one with Julian but I have no idea where it went.

Had an overall fun night filled with food, booze and music!

bunnymama signing off

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