Saturday, November 29, 2014

Diet Destroying but Perfectly Christmas Friendly Food from Délifrance

I remember when I was much younger, mother liked buying bread for the family. Especially Délifrance. #notjoking She would head over to Leisure Mall, and choose the nicest baguette and waits patiently for the baker to spread garlic butter on them. Yums!

I would finish half of them in the car mind you, Panda and Kitty would grumble so much. Ahhhh those were the days.

Anyways, there was an exclusive event Wednesday. Where Délifrance invited selected few to try out their new range for Xmas! When I arrived the spread was MARVELOUS! Good job to whoever put this together because decorating these alone definitely takes tons of hard work.

Christmas is coming, as we all know. Heck it's already nearing the end of November! Honestly speaking dad would definitely nag for us to put up the Christmas tree sometime next week. #notcomplainingtho Aaaaand speaking of Christmas, what is Christmas without these babies offered by Délifrance? What's best is that you can give these festive treats as gifts too!

I on the other hand would like to personally consume all of them myself thank you very much.

Santa Play Land
This cute little thing is actually a red velvet cake with sour cream cheese topping.

Rocky Land Gift Cake
Belgium chocolate cake topped with ganache.

Tea Cakes (Salted Caramel w/ Walnut & Double Chocolate)
All the while I was reading about tea cakes in story books, now I know how they're like.

Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry flavored cupcakes!
Did you know that these moist cupcakes are topped with cream cheese too?

Other than also offering buy it and eat it yourself sugary goodness for Christmas, they too have Christmas Set Meals that're ONLY available during the festive season.

Cheesy Turkey Ham
Spaghetti tossed in cheese sauce, topped with strips of roasted turkey ham.

Provencal Lamb Stew
Grilled lamb shoulder ftw! Also drenched in brown sauce with salad.

Decorating your own Gingerbread man!

At first I was mostly into shoveling whatever that was in the buffet provided into my mouth and I actually kinda refused when they asked me to join in the activities. #notshy Halfway through I saw that they were handing out gingerbread men and icings and milky chocolate drops, I knew I had to stop eating. I have never ever decorated a gingerbread man in my life!

What was really cute was that instead of naming them gingerbread men (as other people normally call them), Délifrance actually named them Santa's Helpers!

Random fact I learned that day about Délifrance: It's a French café.

Anyways, there's actually an outlet and a kiosk opened in Avenue K! The restaurant itself is on the 2nd Floor, right beside Fitness First. (Gym goers rejoice! I'd totally like a plate of poached salmon after a good workout.) The kiosk however is located opposite the entrance of KLCC LRT, so convenient erhmerhgerd.

For more information, here are the links to Délifrance's Official Webpage, Facebook and list of available outlets near you!

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Anonymous said...

Well done, would like to go to Delifrance someday because of this.

Adlexus said...

The food looks so good! Just it all please! =p

Bunny said...

Ngaawww, thanks Anonymous!

Addy: #gemuk