Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I've always wanted a dog ever since grand-daddy passed away. I remember back then I used to always visit his place and play with Queenie, the dachshund. Along with 4 other dogs that were around, I was too young so I can barely remember the names. Granddaddy was a HUGE animal lover (inherited dem genes from him, daddy too.) and he was always really careful and loving around them. Even though he was from a military background. But when he wasn't around my parents donated all his dogs away, and it made me super upset.

Growing up I still wanted a dog. But when I was in Kampar, Annie approached me and gave me Lucy instead (bunnies are the next best thing! #truestory) which I loved dearly. Why they're most suitable at that time was because I was staying in a hostel together with 15 different students, and bunnies do not make noises. They don't even smell, and my bunnies are all potty trained yay!

Still sometimes I wonder, when is the right time for me to adopt a dog?

I was approached by the other day for this collaboration, and I was more than happy to do it. =) Noticed that I've included a widget on the right.

If you don't already know, KindMeal is Malaysia's meat-free dining platform that encourages people to save animal lives, health, environment and money. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants/cafes are welcomed to participate as long as the items featured are meat-free.

A brief introduction on how it all begin:
Did you know that KindMeal was launched by PetFinder? PetFinder has been working closely together with animal lovers to encourage pet rescue and adoption. But this requires a large amount of time, effort and money. If you're wondering how this can save animal lives? KindMeal constantly promotes meat-less dishes, making us eating a couple of meat-free meals every week which in turn supports the cause of PetFinder.

KindMeal aims to bring simple, effective and enjoyable meat-free food to people with free bargains. The restaurants working together do not need to be strictly vegetarian, and as long as their deals and the food they promote are meat-free. Also, the more food lovers like me are willing to try out meat-free meals, the more encouraged restaurants are in introducing creative vegetarian menu items!

Cafe hopping on the weekends we go yaaass!
Soooo whatcha waiting for? Help support the cause by clicking:

KindMeal's main website here.
Apps are also downloadable for iPhone and Android.

P.S: If you have the app, just click on 'Get Coupon' to receive instant LiveCoupons and you may just walk into selected restaurant for immediate dining. No upfront coupon payment, reservation or printing needed!

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