Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Caffebene, Solaris Mont Kiara

Pestered Lance and Song to accompany me here last month.
And was a teeny bit disappointed actually.

Not because the food sucked, but because it wasn't all that.
I was expecting something really yummy since I've been seeing tons of photos of it on Instagram.
Oh wells.

Counter full of yummy stuff!

The bunny ate:

Caramel Banana Waffles
This one tastes nice, a teeny bit better than normal.

Green Tea Bingsu
This was the tiny disappointment I was referring to. No it does not taste horrid. It just tastes like tons of ice, and abit of red bean and green tea here and there. The amount's huge for one person tho.

You may look for Caffebene here:
K-G-04, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 KL

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm

bunnymama signing off

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