Saturday, September 13, 2014

Missing Marbles, Ipoh Old Town

[On the go]

Decided to try to blog on the go today.
So we planned a super last minute trip to Penang, and decided to stop by and visit some cafes in Ipoh on the way.

After walking around the area, we finally decided on Missing Marbles. =)

How it looks like inside:

The bunny and friends ate:

Chap A Lang
Rojak and fish crackers!

Lamb Salad
Tastes nice, but we weren't quite used to the instant-noodle-tasting dressing.

Calrose Lamb Rice
Thissss,  ladies and gentlemen tastes super awesome! Plus they have Hanjuku eggs erhmerhgerd. 

You may look for Missing Marbles here:
99 Jalan Sultan Yussuf

Bunnymama signing off

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