Monday, September 22, 2014

EZ Diet

I was complaining to Anan as usual about not having proper meals recently.
Because I've been heading to the gym twice a week and I still do not see results.

Bubs said it was mainly because I do not control what I eat.
I agree wholeheartedly.

Anan then told me about a tiny Facebook share/like contest from EZ Diet, and I was like why not?
Even without this I was actually willing to pay for people to make my food.

I woke up one morning because somebody was constantly ringing the doorbell.
My parcel was here.

I won myself a weeks worth of food.
Yeap, you saw it right.


My first thought was, where in the world would I keep all these?
Soooo, eventually I kinda stuffed them in the office fridge. Heh.

Sorry guys.

They provide you with the nutrition on each packaging and also the time you'll need to heat them up. I mad love how convenient this is. What's most important is that they also label which day is the food for and for what time of the day (breakfast, lunch etc)

For the whole week I spent most of my lunch breaks watching Running Man episodes in the office.
It felt great.

Another lunch break in the office with colleagues.

There's also the Executive Meal and Daily Plan option btw.
And  EZ Diet comes up with different set of meals every week!

I'd definitely give it a go next month.
Eyeing on the Week 2 Executive Meal plan where they have Herbed Roast Salmon!

bunnymama *burps* signing off

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