Monday, September 8, 2014

20 Facts About Moi

It's been a long while since I've updated my blog, so I'm actually thankful that Song tagged me for this.

Fact 1: Bunnies. duh.
The amount of Facebook updates I get from people are mostly about bunnies. It's nice to see someone that I seldom talk to suddenly tags me with bunny related stuff. =) Such a nice way to say hello imo. Also, some of my colleagues call me bunny too.

P.S: I have been having bunny related IGNs for the past 4 to 5 years. So if I meet people from Guilds they call me bunny also.

Fact 2: Roses.
I dislike flowers. I really do. But not roses.

Fact 3: One of those girls who is a huge sucker for pick-up lines.
Sad to say that bubs only did this once, and it was to get my number. *hisssss*

Fact 4: I wanted to study Greek Mythology.
Buuuut ended up having a degree in Business Administration instead LMAO. I loved Percy Jackson before it was made into a movie btw.

Fact 5: I always complain that I'm fat.
Trying to reduce this btw, and I think I'm saying this less. So it's a good thing? =p

Fact 6: I am VERY obsessed with timing my Instagram photos.
I will never post anything after 11pm, or before 8am. I edit them beforehand and like wait until the time that I feel is right. #dontjudge
Fact 7: I edit most of my photos.

Fact 8: I am not photogenic.
Honestly, I look good in selfies and stuff. But not all the time with DSLRs and powerful cameras and whatnot. Soooo I'm not that nice looking in real life.

Fact 9: I am a social media addict.
And I'm not afraid to admit it.
Here are my InstagramTwitterFacebookTumblr and Dayre.

Fact 10: If the world ends and zombies are on the lose, I would much rather die than fend for myself.
Because I'm lazy.

Fact 11: I talk in my sleep.
Sometimes giggle.
Fact 12: I waste money on clothes.
Every week bubs will be like: Uhmm, this is new. I'm trying hard to stop this. So so hard.

Fact 13: I cry if I'm late.
Not because I'm sad, but because I'm so pissed. This happened so many times because bubs is the DRAGGIEST PERSON ON EARTH IT'S LIKE HE'S TAKING WEED slowest person I've ever met wtf. And I secretly cry every single time we're late for outings. We quarrel about this often too but he never changes. Sometimes I get angry and hit him very hard because I imagined him being late for our wedding, and walk off leaving him very puzzled.

Nuff said.
Fact 15: I. Hate. Veggies.
I've only started eating bit by bit recently because I'm trying to stay healthy and stuff. Soooo I've kinda lived 20+ years of my life without proper veggie intake. A friend of mine once asked why am I not dead yet.

Fact 16: I wrote a mini novel (Gapen-exercise book thick) when I was in high school.
I've always loved writing, but I could not because my English is limited. =(

Fact 17: I was a bully once.
When I was in primary school. I made everyone hate this guy because I was class rep and bullied him every time the teacher wasn't in class. I also poured glue into his bag once, and made him stand on top of a table. He transferred in the end. I felt so bad about this after and I'd very much like to apologize.

Fact 18: I can listen to a song for 3 days straight.
On loop.

Fact 19: I watch gameplays.
I've been with Pewdiepie looooong before he became famous btw, and I really love games. Not following him just for the sake of following. I love Markiplier and Smosh Brothers too!
Fact 20: I secretly love getting bruises.
Do not ask why. I have no idea myself either. I do not get my bruises on purpose either wtf, sometimes I wake up and I see it there. The chinese has a saying about this, it's called getting pinched by ghosts? I uhhhm, I hope not.

And finally it's done yayyyy! Good God it's actually kinda hard thinking of 20 Facts about myself. D: Cameron post soon I hope, as I just got back yesterday.

bunnymama signing off


sgrmse. said...

you're so funny woman! i loved this so much :D :D i secretly love getting bruises, too!! i think the purple ones are so pretty. but i don't like yellow/black ones. ew.

i can't stand being late either. i get extremely extremely bitchy.

huge sucker for pick-up lines, me! me! me! too.

Princess Bunny said...

Hahahahah! You should totaly do a 20 Facts too!

Carina said...

WAIII YOU LIDDIS TOOOOOO. I secretly hate your lala socks but it gave me so much laugh so I like it back. *omgsomuchcontradicthappening.


Princess Bunny said...

sampat sangat ahahahaha!