Thursday, August 28, 2014

What's in a Weekend 40: #NNRaya

Kudos to the Nuffnang Community and Talent team for putting #NNRaya together!
I only helped out a teeny bit, such as balloon tying and doing the live Instagram updates for Nuffnang.

We have the cutest props for photo-taking.
Also have I mentioned that uMobile provided free wifi throughout the event? 
Yay to not needing to use our own data for social media updates!

Super easy for me to update Nuffnang's Instagram on-the-go too!

The Ambi Pur Living Room which smells awesome all day!
You also get to play traditional games such as Congkak and Batu Seremban.

Providing us with awesome photos

Humble Beginnings with their awesome Mille Crepes.

Masak-masak with Kasihaleeya!
Of course together with her besties Ceera, Elly and Kathy.
Love them to bits because they're one of the nicest bunch of talents I work with.

Us with Namee and Adam. 
Another sweet and efficient blogger. *hint hint*

XingYi looking classy.

Eric and Enwei.
Dat face tho haha!

I don't really have much (blog worthy) photos because I was too busy being all over the place, but oh wells!
All of us were exhausted and tired at the end of the day but it was worth it!

Aaaaand the #ootd for the day

bunnymama signing off

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