Saturday, August 30, 2014

Random Bunny Entry #4

Jojo, PuiYee, Carina, Enwei, me and Addy

Friday was the last day Carina was around the office.
She's the one with the purple hair btw.
So we went and had lunch at this place called Mulberry!

She wanted beef noodles but we kinda adviced her against it because we were already late.

While we were walking back we found the cutest graffiti wall in a secluded alley.
Soooo, me and Addy couldn't resist LMAO.

Behind the scenes:
Laughed out loud because people were judging us.

Carina bought us farewell gifts (instead of the other way round wut?!) and I shamelessly took one.

P.S: Hafta spend the weekend doing the ASL Ice Bucket challenge. Was nominated twice FML.

bunnymama singing off

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