Thursday, August 21, 2014

Miam Miam, One Utama

Do not come here on an empty stomach.
Okay, well. 
Do not come here on an OVERLY empty stomach because you'd need to wait to be seated and your food won't arrive as fast.

But it'll all be worth it tho!

The bunny ate:

Mac & Cheese
Pasta shells with four special cheeses with crunchy Japanese breadcrumbs.
It tastes freaking delish! Buuuut I got kinda 'jelak' so thank goodness me and bubs were sharing this.

Matcha Soufflé
Made with homemade vanilla custard (and Matcha powder) and folded with light and airy meringue.
Ugghhh this one tastes as awesome too! I was having a dilemma because I didn't know what to choose between their Matcha or Valrhona Chocolate.

Miam Miam French Toast
Thick french toast with maple syrup & house-made whipped cream.
This is what they're famous for I guess because I've seen tons of pictures of these on Instagram. Tastes nice of course, but I recommend you share this with someone else too as you get 'jelak' easily as well.
But maybe it's just me.


You may look for Miam Miam here:
1Utama Shopping Centre
Lot 146 G Floor (Old Wing)

Opens 11am to 10pm everyday

bunnymama signing off

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