Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hop Hop Café, SS18

From Left: Lance, Bubs, Lucas, Enwei, Song, me and Jane

We came here months ago, but didn't really have the time to blog about it.
Blaming it on work and busy busy weekends.

I was supposed to head over here with bubs, but then Lance went all:
Come lah let's hang out today.
And the most of us came here after I told them I was otw to Hop Hop yay!

I ONLY have photos of bunnies. (And maybe a few obligatory shots of coffee whatevs)
Because I only came here to see the bunnies.


The bunny nom-ed:

See what I meant by ONLY coming here for the bunnies?
I ordered a Flat White while bubs had Mocha.

The Bunnies:
Hop Hop Café adopts their bunnies instead of buying them, one of the main reasons why I was willing to drop by and spend money here actually. Because I'd like to support their noble cause. I didn't adopt Lucy and Sebastian, I didn't buy them either. 
Both of them were given to me by close friends, and I of course loved them to bits.

What made me happier was that the bunnies there were all relaxed and happy. They even flopped and did mini binkies! 
Call me crazy, but I felt warm and fuzzy when I saw that. I also wanted to rush over and give them hugs and stuff but they have a strict no-carry rule.

Bunny Flops!

I like this one the best because the furry thing gave licks to everyone.
Even to Lance!
Hello you who looks like Sabby without white fur! Or even Lucy without being overly fluffy!

I won't lie and say that everything tastes great here, because I only had a slice of Red Velvet and Coffee.
It doesn't suck either so. *shrugs*

You may look for Hop Hop Café here:
7 Jalan SS18/6, Subang Jaya
47500 PJ

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm Everyday
Bunny Resting Hours: 12pm - 1pm, 3pm - 4pm, 6pm - 7pm

Btw, Sabby was chinning everything when we got home.
Here he is chinning bubs' glasses LOL! #overlyterritorialbunny

And here he is this morning, messing up the bed so that he'll feel more comfortable sleeping on it.
Signs I should be sleeping in the guest room more often.

bunnymama signing off

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