Thursday, August 7, 2014

Flying Teapot Café, Seri Kembangan

Finally made it here the other day with Panda, huzzah!
I was dragging a half asleep Panda all the way to Sri Kembangan, telling her how cute the place will be like.
How can you resist anything pink?

Also I told her that Flying Teapot serves ONLY vegetarian.
She nodded, only because she was sleepy.

Oh wells.
At least I have someone with me!

How it looks like inside:

Good GOD do you even realize how pretty this place is? It is SO Tumblr worthy.
And all the while it's been hiding here!

Bunny and Panda nom-ed:

French Rose Tea

Pumpkin porridge set - which tastes super homely.
Ahhhh, I had no idea it comes with this many side dishes!

Panda noticed the cute pastel pink color pencil chopsticks.

Ham and Cheese Waffles.

Rainbow cake and Egg Pudding with Cornflakes and Ice Cream.

I spent a good few hours here btw. Surrounded by tons of pink stuff and bunny teapots.
Ahhh, Bliss.

You may look for Flying teapot cafe here:

9-1, Ground Floor, Jalan SP 2/7, 
Taman Serdang Perdana, Sek 2, 
43300 Seri Kembangan.

Operating Hours: 12pm to 10pm Monday to Saturday

bunnymama signing off


Edlyn Chee said...

OMG this place too cuteeeee!! :D

Princess Bunny said...

Totally going over again sometime soooooon!