Monday, July 7, 2014

What's in a Weekend 33

"猫山王"生熟蛋, 美祿冰 & 鸳鸯麦片面包

Nothing much happened this weekend actually.
Instead of craving for expensive stuff in cafes, I craved for simple traditional breakfast.
Which was great!
Just like the one on top.

I had these while waiting for the car at the Perodua service centre.

I also hung out with Clara for abit lately during the weekends.
Helping her out with her assignments.

Hung out at Komugi's for abit and had a tiny little meet up with Siang.

My health is getting worse methinks.
I keep having tiny nose bleeds, and it has been happening for a few weeks now.
I blame it on the horrid weather.

I hope I won't die.

Goodbye Van!

Another intern gone.
They grow up so fast. *wipes tears*

We actually had a Disney princess theme going on, and we were assigned to our specific princesses.
We do not really need to follow EXACTLY how they dress (Nope, puffy sleeves are so not my thing), so we decided on color instead. Which was waaaaay easier.

Also, too many people took part in this we ran out of princesses lmao!

Lemme try and list it down:
Me - Alice in Wonderland
Song - Mulan
Adrian - Belle
Enwei - Merida (she had no choice)
Swan - Snow White (she pulled it off perfectly!)
Eric - Frog Prince LOLOLOLOL
Sam - Jasmine (Buff princess ftw.)
Edlyn - Tinkerbell (Told you we ran out of princesses)
XingYi - Venellope von Schweetz
Felicia - Pocahontas
Elle - Ariel
Van - Esmeralda

My #ootd for that day:

bunnymama signing off


Wy Lyn Ee said...

I too had half boiled eggs for breakfast last Monday while waiting for my car to be serviced at a Perodua service centre!

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