Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's in Sabby's Weekend 1: The Vet

Harro! I'll be temporarily taking over mama's blog for today.
She's been soooo busy at work, she barely has time to update her blog nao.

Tsk tsk. 
But what happened during MY weekend would be somewhat similar to hers because well...

Because she took me to the vet.
I'm alright now, so don't worry.
But what happened was that I had no appetite last Friday, and this made both mamas worried.

Normally I would gobble up everything in sight.
Yeahhh,  I kinda admit I'm greedy.

They took me to the vet and I hated her (the vet) so much!
I wanted to tell her to STAHP manhandling me!
So I tried to twist and turn my way off, did I also mentioned I climbed on her shoulders as well?
To the point that she tried to put me in a trance by trying to get me to lie behind my back.

Mama: I know what you're trying to do. It doesn't work on him.
Vet: Why is this bunny defying science.


In the end, I overheard her saying that I have no problems physically. 
And that it was right for mama to bring me over asap when she knew something was not right with me.
She said it might be the weather. 
Because her (the vet's) cat started sneezing and had watery eyes when it was exposed to the outside air, so she had to temporarily keep it in her condo.

I was DELIGHTED when I found out I had to be ALWAYS inside the house.
I know I'm always in the room 85% of the time (I'll be locked outside when no one's there to keep an eye on me), but now I'll be sleeping on beds ALL the time!


Anyways, she gave me immune boosters.
My previous medicine was horrid gah! 

Ridin' in daddy's car. I much prefer sitting with mama compared to being in that box.
I get more pets that way.

Mama's vain selfie of the day:

I was totally eating again the next day. Mmmmm, pellets and hay. Yum!
I had some fruits too!

Btw, this is me in what the hoomans call an "Argentinian Jersey".
I'm not so sure why this Messi guy is so great but the younger hooman seems to like it.

And then I got extra grumpy, so they left me on this chair.

This is me not talking to them after.
But it only lasted 3 seconds because they offered me apple treats.


bunny signing off

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