Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fashion Online

I’ve recently stumbled upon articles about German model, Johannes Huebl and also Miranda Kerr (Victoria's Secret. DUH!) And BOY do they look good great in everything they wear! I understand that the fashion industry is always fast paced, where trends just go as quickly as they come. I for one could not keep up with it. I used to wear hoodies and shorts to work for God’s sake. But I do try to keep track of current trends by reading magazines and stuff.

Hey, trying to shake off my hoodie phase and not be oblivious about this!
Source: Mr.Porter
Justttttt in case you have no idea who Johannes Huebl is. A guy who is able to pull off anything he wears.

Nicole Bently/Vogue

This is Miranda and her son, Flynn. I see her almost every day, like you know on LRT Billboards and stuff. I point out her outfits to bubs all the time. Not only is she a supermodel, but she’s also an entrepreneur; hence, an inspiration to most of us.

You know that feeling you get after scrolling through pretty outfits on Tumblr, thinking about why has NO ONE invented something that allows us to directly grab stuff from our PCs. I’m having that now. *sigh* Dem strong Johannes Huebl/Miranda Kerr influence. I look into my wardrobe and all I can see are outfits that I have worn for so so many times. And honestly, I'm running out of ideas stuff to wear.

But wait?
There's this thing that is appearing on almost everywhere for quite sometime now.

By this thing, I meant Zalora's fashion online website.
I am able to browse through so many things that resemble Johannes and Miranda, and was really delighted that I can shop for myself and bubs as well. He's getting something new, and I'm totes ignoring that look of disapproval on his face heh. Instead of polo tees, I'll definitely be looking at a wider range of things for him. i.e: semi-formal maybe? As for myself, time for a wardrobe revamp!

Anyways, here's my #ootd for the day:

Top from Forever 21
Skirt from Ezra, sponsored by Zalora.

Doing silly things with Addy.

Before I forget, Thank you Eric for putting up with my nonsense.

bunnymama signing off

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