Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2-Ingredient Baby Banana Pancakes

I was thinking about what was I going to do with an extra holiday for the week.
So I was looking up dummy proof simple recipes to try for today.
I do NOT know how to cook btw lol.

And Sam sent me this link.

Headed over to Ben's in Publika with the bunnies that night itself to hunt for the ingredients.
P.S: I needed some other stuff too. No need to be at B.I.G just for these.

A Banana
2 Eggs
(serves up to 10 baby pancakes methinks, depending on size)

Yeap it's that freaking simple I was so happy.
Butttt lemme tell you that the pancakes might look egg-ier with only those two ingredients. 
Still a simple pancake nevertheless.

So I also added:
Cinnamon (half a teaspoon)
Flour (I use one tablespoon for it to be fluffy. Use less if you'd like it to a bit less.)
Baking Powder (half a teaspoon)

I blend everything together to save time FYI. Heh.
And threw them on the pan and replaced oil with butter instead.

The end result:

Topped the baby pancakes with blueberries and honey too!

Made some for bubs but he did not look as excited as me tho.
Heart shaped pancake and all.
*wipes tears*

Oh wells! Do lemme know how yours went!

bunnymama signing off

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