Monday, June 23, 2014

What's in a Weekend 32: Starlight Cinema, Bukit Kiara

You know all those Tumblr stuff, 
where they have quotes that say you'd want to watch a movie under the stars with someone you love?

I did it, thanks to Starlight Cinema.
I can scratch that off my bucket list now.
( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

But there was actually a tiiiiny problem.
You can't see no stars in KL, because the air and weather is polluted and stuff.
Oh wells, beggars can't be choosers.

Quickly looked for a spot once we arrived. So many people!
Then I found out from Cookie that Saturday was actually the last day Starlight Cinema will be around, hence the crowd.

P.S: Was super impressed at that HUGE Galaxy Note III screen.

Ta-daaaa. Cookie haz free invites.

Had our Tiger Balm patch to repel mosquitoes heh.
So happy with this because I won't need to put icky mosquito repellent all over my arms and legs now.
Slap that on your t-shirt and you're good to go!

They had vendors such as myBurgerlab, Coffea Coffee, Gong Cha and more!
And you know what's best?

I downloaded the Samsung Galaxy Life app, and I can redeem so many free stuff!
And all the vendors listed were there!
Happiest day EVER.
\\\\ ٩(`(エ)´ )و ////

Anyways, we watched only Batman Begins.
First Batman movie out of the three Batman trilogy that was scheduled that day.
And then we left.

Cookie couldn't stand sitting on the grass for too long (although we had mats we got from Daiso) because our back ached. 
We did not rent a Doof beanbag too sooooo.

But all in all, it was a Saturday night well spent.

Random selfie:

Was too bored in the car, and was really annoyed at my fringe lately.
I wanna dye my hair so bad, someone sponsor me plox lololol!

bunnymama signing off

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