Monday, June 16, 2014

What's in a Weekend 31: Bonne fête des Pères

Happy Father's Day to the man that inspires me the most.

I remembered I wrote essays about you when I was in high school.
Passed it to the teacher and they were really impressed.
I remembered not knowing what to study when I was 19.
I shrugged, and took my degree in business because I wanted to follow what you did.

Soooo, I hope you do know how much I look up to you!
P.S: I hope you NEVER grow old.

Once again we decided to head over to Modesto's in The Royal Selangor Golf Club for Daddy's Day.
We've been heading here alot this year.

One: It's peaceful
Two: There's less people here, hence no crowds.
Three: No need for queuing up and waiting.

The bunny nom-ed:
These are only the photos for dessert because I was too lazy to take photos of the main course and such.
I guess I really have been coming here waaaaay too often heh.

Also, I'd really like to thank Aunty Monsy for always knowing what to plan/do during special occasions.
I feel really really blessed to have you honestly.

Photo Spam!
Photos taken from 3 different phone cameras, pardon the blurriness.

#ootd with Mr.Grumpybuns before heading off to dinner.

Yeah, that's how tall he is nao. *sigh* How time flies.

I cannot understand why Kitty couldn't snap a proper photo of us wtf.
(。_°☆\(- – )

Here's a photo of me, Daddyfats and Sabs.
No matter how many times he says he'd like to have rabbit soup for dinner, 
I'd like to believe deep down he loves Sebastian all the same.

Thank you so much for being a greatest coolest dad to all three of us.
We deeply admire the good man and wonderful father you are.

Stay awesome!
I lubs you!

Here's a photo taken last year during my birthday.
Both of us are getting older FOLs.

bunnymama signing off

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