Monday, June 2, 2014

What's in a Weekend 29: Canyon Paintball

Woke up super early on a Saturday morning for this.

If it were the old princess-y me I'd totally be like, nope.
Now I'd definitely join in even when I'm having a bad cough and running nose.

Which was what I did.

No worries tho, I didn't die or anything (literally) but I came back proud with all those cuts and bruises.
*cues Guy Sebastian's Battle Scars*

On my way home I was thinking about how granddaddy survived all those years fighting for our country
And how he became a Major from just a small Ranger.
I'm proud to say that granddaddy helped maintain peace too during May 13, and was awarded with a medal from the Sultan himself.

I truly appreciate those soldiers that fought/are still fighting for our country.
Because being a soldier sure as hell ain't easy.

Sadly, only a few photos were taken that day.
Harro, I wouldn't dare take a Note 3 out in the jungle with people aiming for you.
We had a group shot, but the Marshall has not upload it on the group page yet.


The Jungle field was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G btw.
They have abandoned cars, safe houses and stuff.
Photoshoot already #waitwhat

When I walked into the field I was all

But when the game started I was all
=͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ ヘ( ´Д`)ノ

Adrenaline was pumping, I got super excited.

But after a few rounds, all those squats and weight lifting in the gym did no shit for me.
I was still thankful because I did not have my legs aching after tho.
But my whole arm and back did.

That freaking marker was heavy.
Imagine how I'd feel carrying a real gun and running out in the battlefield.
There was NO WAY I could survive.

I didn't die at all when I was in the Jungle.
*flips hair*
Okay maybe once, but I was the only one left and they ganged up on me and shot at my cannister.
*unflips hair*

My hands were practically shaking when I gulped down my 100 Plus.

When I put on my vest earlier at the armoury Cookie said I looked like those policewomen in 陀槍師姐(Armed Reaction)
Which means I look like some chinese Madam that only looks good as a traffic police officer FML.

Me and a few of Cookie's colleagues were in for a few rounds.
Played up to 4 hours methinks?
And it was really worth it for me.

RM110 includes:
- field charge
- 500 freaking pellets (we had leftovers, and were allowed to bring them back)
- house marker
- mask
- pod

and also not forgetting, a vest.

Those with their own markers pay for much less of course.
Might even cost less than what we paid.

This is the biggest bruise I had. 
Proudly showed daddy these and he laughed it off. He was in the army too last time so these might look like baby bruises to him.
I had a few more cuts and bruises on my left arm because I got shot twice at the same spot. 

If you think mine was bad, Cookie got worse.
He got shot in the head and neck.

When I saw him after the game I was like who the hell??
His friends jokingly told him that it looks like a hickey instead eeeeep.

Too bad paintball is a bit pricey for me (for now).
I'd definitely head over for more but Sabby needs to eat.

You may look for Canyon Paintball's Facebook page here and official website here.
They are just located around the corner from Centerpoint and KBU college in Bandar Utama

Nearest Address:
Cangkat Bukit Utama
Bandar Utama, PJ

Lemme know if you bunnies are playing btw, and I might too heh.

bunnymama signing off


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