Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vertical Horizon LIVE in Malaysia

Went over to watch Vertical Horizon perform live earlier this Tuesday!

Decided to do a mini mini update on this because it was unforgettable.
And guess who was invited for the opening act?

OAG Erhmerhgerd!
It has been super long since I've listened to them.

Songs like Slumber and Generasiku brings me back to my childhood days.

Especially this heh.
I remember watching the MV after Chicky Hour on weekends.

Soooo nostalgic!

With my bunch of crazy people.

"The cities glow
The rivers flow
Where you are, I'll never know"

A huge thank you to those that made this happen for us:


bunnymama signing off


nadiradyaa said...

HI babe, permission to take one of the VH photos ya.tq.nice blog btw.:)

Princess Bunny said...

Hey nadira! =)
Haha sure thing!