Friday, June 6, 2014

Random Bunny Entry #3

It's almost 12 now.
By 12 I meant 12 midnight.

And I'm still here in KL Sentral.
Honestly the amount of time wasted here is obscene. But I'm still thankful that there was a plug point nearby. Hence the time for a quick blog.

I was actually reading up on #TFIOS a few hours back, and finally finished the book.

After much staring into thin air, I decided on Tumblr. When suddenly a girl came over and asked politely whether she could use the plugpoint instead (I was using it). I answered: Sure! And moved a seat away.

She and her friend were waiting for Ita, a friend since high school I presume? I couldn't really remember both their names, but they were really friendly. She asked whether I was still studying,  I couldn't really blame her because I was without eyeliner and was dressed up in hoodie, shorts and a pair of Ipanema flip flops. Who in the world would guess that I'm already working heh.

I told her my age and she went: Wut? And told me she was 19 and is studying Foundation in Law. I was really impressed. I told her I had a few subjects about law when I was studying my Degree,  and also about the few hiccups here and there for the subjects because I had trouble memorising names. I confuse the names with the different cases they were related too.

Oh wells, at least I managed to get a C+.

Her other friend wasn't studying, but she was really obsessed with being a barista I heard. =) She's currently working at a Starbucks in Puchong. It's cool that she's doing what she likes.

She then asked about my job, and I told her about Nuffnang and blogging. I proceeded to ask her what any Nuffie would ask: So do you have any favourite bloggers? To my surprise, she only knew of Honeykoyuki and Beautifulnara. She is also a huge fan of Hanis Zalikha.

"My dad reads Beautifulnara!" She chirped. Super bubbly for someone awake after midnight. I was yawning all the way mind you, and can totally feel the eyebags coming out.

Ita came eventually, and we bade each other goodbye. For now, I need to pray that I'll be able to wake up for work tomorrow. *groans*

bunnymama singing off

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