Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Perfecto Mobile Snack Bar

Say wuttt?!
I didn't really believe it at first when my colleagues were talking about it last week.
I went all mehhhh.

But boy I was really in for a surprise when I saw Perfecto's Snack Bar right downstairs of my workplace!

Tbh I was feeling really Monday blue-ish yesterday.
So I was super glad to have that 45 minutes break.
(45 minutes because I totally went for third and forth helpings. Don't judge!)

You see those people behind there tiptoe-ing?
Yeap, those are my colleagues.
Shows how eager we are lol!

Thank goodness I got a clear shot of the truck before it was swarmed with people.

The pretty ladies helping us customize our crisps.

They have 3 different flavours: 
Natural Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Chives, Chili & Spice Infusion

The second station, where you get to choose what to garnish your crisps with!
They have all sorts of yummy stuffs like chicken/beef ham bits, shredded cheese, chopped onion, tomato cubes, mushroom bits and more.

At this point I was staring and couldn't wait to grab whatever that was there.

I like the final station the most. Heh
Nothing would be complete without having crisps with sauces.

The after result!

I have loads of chicken ham and beef bits, shredded cheese and also extra cheese sauce.
Erhmerhgerd so guilty but this opportunity comes once in a lifetime thanks.

So worth the carbs!

Just in case you're wondering where will the snack bar stop next, 
follow and like Perfecto Snacks' Facebook and Instagram for more awesome updates!


bunnymama signing off

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