Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ahoy Nuffies Birthday @ The Nest, KL

From left: Edlyn, Me, XingYi, KwanYi and Fel
Spent last Friday night partehhhhying!
Celebrated birthdays for the May and June babies, and of course Boss Tim.

And the theme for the night: Sailors!
We had so much fun with the games, food and booze.

Particularly liked the Nuffies version of Charades, where we had to act out the names we're given.
So my Charade group for the night: Enwei and Antony.

And we got the highest thanks.
*flips hair*
Thanks to my acting skills. And also Enwei's guessing skills.
Honestly if we had Song in our team the rest can kiss first place goodbye.


Adele, Me and Song before leaving the office.

Us feeling super restless in KwanYi's car.

We entered The Nest and was greeted with the cutest cupcake decorations evaaaaah!
Just in case you guys are wondering, we got them customized from +Wondermilk.

What about the decorations you ask?
Those are of course done by the power interns Eric and Van.
All their cutting folding decorating hard work FINALLY paid off. 
For the whole 4 days they walked here and there, busying themselves with coming up with awesome ideas like these.

*pats head*
Awesome job guys, really.

Happy Birthday guys!

I was really excited about last Friday not because it was a party, 
but because I can see the rest of the people that's based in Mid Valley.
It has been kinda lonely here in the Orange Office ever since they moved.

Yeah we still make lots of noise, but I still miss the times where I will trot downstairs to irritate some of the techies and designers.
(I sometimes steal food from them too.)

Photo Spam:
P.S: Most group photos are stolen from Edlyn or Adele.

Harro Micheal
Me and Song agreed that he laughs like a captain btw.

This is Song.
Fellow Ad Ops, partner in crime.
And honestly speaking, I'll feel super weird without her around.


Harro Adele.
I call her Adili, and she's the newest edition to the Nomsters.
Most hyper too, standard equivalent to a starving/bored Elle Lim.

Thanks for letting me steal your photos btw!

The highlight of the night.
Bryan and Eric.

Yes, Eric the intern.

Macam comel jer, macam cantik jer.

Oh yeah, was drawing abs for Bryan before the party started.
Throughout the night, he haz green abs.

Reminds me of a tortoise tbh lol!

From Left: Me, KwanYi, Swan, Enwei, Edlyn and Song

Nuffnang and Churpchurp Ad Ops.
Finally a complete photo of us!

Do not even question this.

Actually I had only a few photos that night because I was busy hanging outside with this bunch of crazy people.
Laughing and crying my eyes out mind you.

Random selfie of the day

I ruv you guys!

bunnymama signing off

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