Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's in a Weekend 28: Dinoscovery, Avenue K

Went to two places last weekend, but I'll be blogging about Dinoscovery first!
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Brief introduction of Dinoscovery:
A time tunnel to the Mesozoic Era (250 million years back in time)
Explore how dinosaurs lived, fought and defended themselves in this 13,000 square feet wide exhibition
Also learn about prehistoric climate conditions, how dinosaurs evolved and more.

They have 22 different animatronic dinosaurs inside.
And they have motion detectors everywhere, so when you're leaning close it kinda moves heh.

I was surprised at the Ankylosaurus part because its face was so close lol!
I raced a Theropod in a 10m race too, but lost.

I was in flip flops.
Don't judge.

Plus if I were THAT close to a Theropod I think I'll just hide somewhere and not come out.
Anyways, I won't have too many photos (clear and unclear) for this blogpost as they do not allow cameras.


Right outside the entrance

This was before they told us to keep our cameras/phones.

They provided us with a map, stickers, vest, head strap with light and a blue Dino Detector wristband.
The wristband is only given to leaders. *flips hair*

<( ̄︶ ̄)>
I'm a leader.

Blue fitbit thingy is kinda loose tho.
And I gave the head strap to Cookie, I refuse to ruin my hair thanks.
So on a mission we go!

Climbing towards a Pteranodon's nest.

This baby T-rex is scary!
Photo taken without staff noticing.

Excavation pit
I was looking for a brush and these little girls were really helpful.

Girl: Are you looking for a brush? They're just there.
*stands up and hands me brush*
Girl: Here ya go. You can start helping us here.

Brushing for fossils are tiring stuff btw.
Wanted to be an archaeologist when I was much younger, but to think that I cannot handle being 2 minutes under the sun.


Proper paleontologist wear
Undergoing some serious Dinoscovery research

Improper paleontologist wear
NOT going to leave a mark on my hair okays.

Rather be a bimbo for the day.
I call this the FAB LED headstrap fashion

Another stolen photo

Awwww yisssss.
Expert paleontologists yo!

We went around the place so many times just to finish up the answers.

Uhmmm, pardon the upside down cert.
Was rushing for a photo heh.

Discoveria Cafe
Didn't really makan-ed here because we were rushing off to Petrosains.
But they have pastas, sandwiches, muffins and stuff.

Ticket prices for Dinoscovery

Dinoscovery is located on the 4th floor of Avenue K
You can waze for Avenue K to get there.

Or you can take the LRT to KLCC station.

Bunny rating
2.5 carrots out of 5

Cookie in general didn't enjoy it that much.
But I gave it a 2.5 out of 5 because I learnt about dinosaurs that day, and was really fascinated by it.

Plus I enjoyed riding a baby T-rex and was happy that I finally went mini rock climbing.

bunnymama signing off

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