Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sebastian is a friend, not food.

Look, I'm not trying to be bitter.
The "I would like to eat your bunny" jokes have gone TOO FAR.

Really guys, its not funny when I hear it. 

All the freaking time. 

The amount of people who tells me they want to eat Sabby/Lucy or kill them for their meat is terribly high.
I know deep down you guys don't mean it, but still

1. It's not funny (once or twice is fine)
2. It's not a great conversation starter.
3. It sure as hell is offensive.

Imagine if one day someone constantly say they would like to eat any of your pets. 
If you don't really mean it then don't say it in the first place.


I have nothing against people who love eating rabbit meat. Really. 
You eat other rabbits thanks, not mine. So it sounds totally fine to me.

But you want to eat my Netherland dwarf, really?? The only thing meaty on Sabs is his butt.

So please fucking stop this.

How can you eat something like thissssss?

bunnymama signing off

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