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Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Johor

Harro all!
I've FINALLY finished editing/filtering through all 100+ of the photos taken during the Hello Kitty Town trip.

Don't even get me started on Legoland.

So me and Cookie took 2 days off (Tuesday and Wednesday, the two days before Labour Day) for a short trip to Johor.
We actually were running out of ideas on where to go for a trip.

1. It was freaking last minute
2. No time to fly anywhere away from Malaysia

So we decided on Legoland and Hello Kitty Town instead.

Legoland aside, what I can say about Hello Kitty Town was that it really exceeded our expectations.
The RM55 entrance fee was super worth it, I kid you not.

Because HKT is not all photos and cutesy stuff, there's a 'Running Man saving Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel" sort of thing going on too.
I'll talk about that more later.

Red Bow Cafe

You don't really need to pay the entrance fee for this, because this will be the first thing you'll see when you enter HKT. It's a normal Hello Kitty themed cafe, but it's less better than the one that's inside HKT. Still pretty nevertheless.

The Entrance to Hello Kitty Town

I was practically prancing when I arrived here. Honestly you have no idea how princess-y this looks. Cookie on the other hand was just amused at how bimbo I've became throughout the whole HKT tour.

Tea Cup Ride

Dream Photo Garden

This is where most of the Sanrio characters will be at for photo taking sessions! Mind you they won't help you snap photos. So me and Cookie (me mostly) had to take turns to have our photo taken with the characters that came out. They only will take photos for you with their own DSLR (or whatever camera that they're using) and then charge you sky high prices for them.

Nemaiii, we take ourselves thanks.

Cinnamoroll Cafe

THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE CUTEST CAFE I HAVE EVER SEEN ASDFGHJKL. Would you just look at them Cinnamorolls stacking on top of each other erhmerhgerd! This place is actually famous for their Hello Kitty shaped waffles, but unfortunately they ran out of them (WTF) when we were there. The only reason I can think of why is because there are not many visitors on weekdays. Sooooo, sucks to be us. *grumbles* It's SO UNFAIR! 



They are also supposed to have some Hello Kitty coffee art on my latte, but they served it in this freaking plastic cup. I'm so upset about this I don't even. When I asked where is my Hello Kitty waffle, they replied with: Sorry ah miss, no more Hello Kitty waffles for today. But nemai I gave you extra scoop of Ice-cream.

I don't want your ice creaaaaaaammmmmm! *wails* You should tell me earlier because I rather not spend money on thissssssss! Both me and Cookie are trying to eat clean and now we have to finish this unHello Kitty waffles and ice-cream. *hisss*

Had to selfie our way through the entire Hello Kitty Town tour.
Oh wells.

*coughs* Anyway, moving on.

Kitty's House

AMAHGATS the house was uber cute and pretty! And is totally everything Hello Kitty!

Look at them Hello Kitty tiles on the outside of the house, pink with rose carvings. *swoons*

And dat fountain!

Entered the 'lobby' and was greeted with the cutest Hello Kitty statue.

The Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

Her, uhmmm. Personal Wardrobe.

Black Wonder

THIS, is the Running Man like Hello Kitty themed thingy I was telling you about. At first I thought it was kinda like walking through pretty sceneries and taking tons of pictures. Boy was I wrong. I reached the counter and the lady was like: Hallo! Here's your lamp. You have to asjhgbhrewgtjhgfkgndfjkgnjfdkg and then proceed to asjgdbjdkfgskjfsfsdjf and then you have to find the asjhsgjnashfkjsdhfkjsd that are in 5 different rooms. Good luck!

I snapped back once she said good luck. Mainly because I was focused on how pretty the lamp she gave me. And then suddenly it hit me that this was some kind of puzzle solving game and that you have to answer questions to find things. FML I hate thinking! #confessionsofasemibimbo

Black Wonder is an interactive based activity where we have to save Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel from Kuromi. So you have to walk around (don't worry, it's not much walking. Heh) and find clues. BW also uses technology such as sensors and computers for your interaction to complete missions!

Damn ons please.
Even Cookie was impressed.

Imagine that.

Putting the lamp into of the slots in the middle of the Hello Kitty device.

The Pool of something. Behind it you can see a cat-napped (geddit geddit) Kitty and Daniel 

Attempting to look for clues.

There are actually too many things inside the Black Wonder, plus showing most of it means you'd know the answer to how to save Kitty and Daniel.

I was kinda all over the place trying to solve one thing from another (because I'm lazy), but Black Wonder kinda triggered my brain for abit lol! And I managed to solve it in the end. By myself. *flips hair* 

<( ̄︶ ̄)>

Not going to blame Cookie tho because he was busy snapping photos of the place.

Wishful Studio

There are tons of activities for the kids you here. Stuff like cookie decorating, manicures, Sanrio character dress ups and making your own souvenir thingies. I uhmmm, I was laughing all the way because he too had to do most of the stuff ppppfffttt.

I can imagine what was going thru his head the entire time:
Oh God why.


Fail self manicure.

Super cute Hello Kitty costumes for kids.

I was actually hoping to see Kiki and Lala from Little Twin Stars there too, but they do not really have alot of them here.
This photo was taken from their souvenir shop, after the tour ended.

Notice also that we've missed the Purrformance (punny, I like) and have also not included tons of the many stuffs that are in HKT. 
Sorreh because I'm trying not to spam the blog LOL.

Anyways, you may look for Hello Kitty Town here
I'll blog about where to stay and stuff sometime next week methinks?

P.S: Can someone get me those Hello Kitty plushies from Singapore PLEASEEEEEEEEE.

Till then!

bunnymama signing off

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