Friday, May 16, 2014


You know I just HAVE to blog about this.
This app, is heaven sent.

For reals.

I've been using it twice, and so far everything has been working out great for me.

I sometimes have to take cabs home because I have to rush home to continue work.
Hence I don't really like wasting time waiting for Cookie to pick me up.

By the time he leaves work, I'm already married with 2 kids.
And he likes wasting time.

Soooooo I've heard about this app, and decided to try it out.
Plus I was feeling really annoyed that one day.


The app will locate drivers around you after you've included details like where you are now, 
and where you'd like to go next.
But of course, you'll also have to include your personal details like your Name, Email and Phone number.

Don't worry.
They will not ask for your IC.

So once you've sent out your distress signal, the app will automatically locate taxis around you.
And once the taxi driver acknowledges it, you will be informed.

Best thing about the app is that it let's you know stuff like:

Estimated fare
How far away the driver is from you
The taxi driver's name
The taxi's number plate

Wah wtf I was so impressed I forgot I was pissed off at my boyfriend.

You can even call your driver by just clicking on that button erhmerhgerd!
And he too can call you.

Notice that you can also see your driver's location.

How it'll look like when you're already in the Taxi.
And when the journey is complete.

You can also leave feedbacks to the uncle thru your app.
My fare costs around RM10, but I had RM7 off huzzah!

I paid RM5 for my fare tho because I was really happy, and I think RM2 is not much difference.

You may lookout for MyTeksi thru their webpage here!
Also not forgetting their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Had great great experience with this.
You should try it out too.

bunnymama signing off

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