Friday, May 9, 2014

Legoland Part lll: Waterpark & Imagination Land

Will be splitting Part lll into two parts ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, and just in case you missed Part l and Part ll.

We toured halfway through Legoland when we decided that it wasn't too hot to hit the Waterpark.
Plus, it looked like it was going to rain.
The Waterpark closes when it rains.


Wanted to have a proper photo taken with the sign but apparently the family didn't look like they were going anywhere for a long time.

Please do not buy this RM40 yellow LEGO® towel.
I've brought towels with me, but I left it in the hotel ughhhh.

Hence the crappy towel.
I was wearing my grey T-shirt on top of my two piece, but they didn't allow T-shirts.

I had to walk around showing flabs to everyone in the Waterpark.

Didn't get to snap alot of photos here because my Note is not waterproof.

Thank god for waterproof eyeliner.

LEGO® Wave Pool

Pool where you can relax, or even enjoy mini waves.
Notice the  LEGO® mermaids!

Joker Soaker

Yeap, that's the name for the thing behind him.
Imagine people constantly splashing you wherever you go.

Because this water playground has different types of slides with different heights and lengths.
I went there and I couldn't open my eyes properly because of all that splashing heh.

Also, what I like about the Joker Soaker is that there's a huge 300 gallon bucket right at the top.
Which spills all that water on top of you every 15 minutes I think?

We hung around here for quite abit because we were waiting for the 300 gallon water spill lol!

Brick Bay Cafe

Having sammiches here because we were too hungry.

There's lots of things here too!
Such as the LEGO® Slide Racers, Splash 'N' Swirl, Twin Chasers and more.

But please do not compare this Waterpark to Sunway Lagoon.
Sunway Lagoon obviously has much better stuff there, even the rides.

Legoland imo is mainly for kids.

Imagination Land

This will be what you see once you step out of the Land of Adventure.

Hello giraffe that appears out of a Baby Care centre!

Also, ballerina and soccer playing giraffe.
I LOVE her red tutu.

Huge dinos made out of millions of LEGO®s

LEGO® Studio

Watched the Legend of Chima in 4D!
We skipped the Observation Tower entirely because we were rushing to the Waterpark btw.

Oh wells.

Till the next Legoland post!

bunnymama signing off

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