Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Legoland Part ll: Land of Adventure

Harro part II of Legoland!
You may click here for part I!

Starting from here the photos will look abit, wonky?

Because I was running here and there to look for a place to hide from the sun.
But I was still stopping and snapping photos of LoA in the process.

Lost Kingdom

There were lots of ooohs and aaaahs the first time we rode this.
Then after we finished off the ride I noticed gun-like thingies on the ride.

Then only it hit us that we'd have to shoot at the lights throughout the ride.

Nemaiiii no harm in going second round.

Dammit he achieved a higher score than mine.
Laser blasting is not my thing it seems.


Pharaoh's Revenge

A playground for kids!
Not sure why would anyone name a playground Pharaoh's Revenge tho.

Beetle Bounce

A mini Solero Shot?
Also, for kids.

LEGO® Donkey!

Adventures' Depot

Had to drop by and get myself a Legoland t-shirt.
I've forgotten to bring an extra top just in case they allow T-shirts in the Waterpark.

Cookie didn't wanna get himself one because he says he'll only wear it once, so it'll be a waste of money.

Slapped a pirate hat on him before paying for my T-Shirt.

These things are cray ex btw!
By now you can also see my face already a darker shade of brown/dark red/whatever color sunburnt skin looks like.

*wipes tears*

Dino Island

We decided that this would be our last ride here, or the ride after we've been to the Waterpark.

LOL confirm wet please, no wonder the souvenir shop is right beside this darned ride.
We can see LEGO® dinosaurs all the way through!
And also LEGO® skeletons and remains on the rocks.

Until it uhm, journeys to the peak of a forgotten volcano.
And splashes right down into a pool of water.

Yeap, definitely coming back for this after the Waterpark.

Ribena mascots nowadays look less round.

Fun fact:
Cookie's really excited about this not only because it was made out of LEGO®s, 
but also that he used to be in an ad for Ribena when he was much much younger.

LEGO® Parrots saying bye bye!
And we'll be saying hi to Imagination Land next!

bunnymama signing off

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