Thursday, May 15, 2014

Legoland Part IV: Miniland

FYI, everything behind us is made out of LEGO®.
Well, everything except the floor, metal bars, concrete and us.
Preeeetyyyy! *sparkles*

You can actually see Miniland after entering Legoland.
It's like, right smack in between.

So you cannot miss it.
One of the reasons why me and Cookie decided to head here last, is so that we can head home straight after heh..

We also wanted to take shitloads of photos have a look at everything properly.
Instead of having to quickly snap photos and head off.

I also heard that it only opened recently this year?

Riverside Point

A part of Singapore

Port Tanjung Pelepas


Places in Kuala Lumpur made out of LEGO®!

This is roughly how big the whole LEGO®fied KL looks like

This looks like Brickfields to me?

The monorails can move mind you.

LEGO®fied Suria KLCC


Oooh oooh I can see the waterpark from here!

Karaweik Hall, Myanmar

The Forbidden City, China

Taj Mahal, India.

Tiny LEGO® people ftw.

Would you look at how cute this is!
Had to stop myself from humming to Chammak Challo wtf.

Patuxai, Laos

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Super amazing how everything is made out of ONLY LEGO®s.
Dem details. 


You know this thing is serious when I include TM.

You can climb in here too yaaaaaaay.
From here you can see mystical Mount Cavora, the Lion City and like 850 minifigures all over the scene.

The aunty before me crawled so awkwardly into the hole I don't even.

She was all:
"Fai dit ying siong lah ngor hou gui ahhhh"
Which means: Faster take picture lahhh I'm damn tired.


And I was outside judging her.
I made sure I did not sound like that thanks.

Yaaaarr Pirates!

These were made up based loosely on the pirates of the straits of Malacca.

And it shows us how life was like back then without electricity and stuff.
Pirates have no wifi or internet.

That's so sad.
I don't mind riding around on a horse tho.

Almost done with Legoland btw!
One last part left teehee.

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Till the next final Legoland post!

bunnymama signing off


Conrad Hermes said...
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Conrad Hermes said...

where's the usual rabbit smile? lol... how's the place is it crowded , is it fun or is it just lame?

Princess Bunny said...

Ahahah I had another photo with the bunny smile, but not as nice. :p

Go on weekdays so it won't be so crowded. And it's not thaaaaaat lame if you're into Lego. I think it's worth going at least once in your lifetime.