Sunday, May 4, 2014

Legoland Part I: LEGO® City

Aahhhhh Legoland.
The place where I got sunburnt.

Abit of advice when purchasing your tickets tho.
To all those cheapskates out there, you'd want to purchase your tickets here 7 days in advance from your visit date.
Because if you booked your tickets earlier you'll get 20% off.

So this means you'll be paying for RM140 instead of the original RM175 for the 1 Day Theme Park and Water Park Combo ticket.

A little bird told me that you'll get 10% off if you pay with Maybank too btw.

Me and Cookie paid full price.
*flips hair*

No matter.

I'll be breaking up the Legoland trip to a few posts.
Why don't I put everything in an album you ask?

Because I prefer putting everything here so that my blog won't die.
Plus, I think it's easier to include longer captions here and stuff.

Let's start with LEGO® City today:

You know I'm seriously considering to open a Maybank account.
Either that or Standard Chartered.

HSBC atm locations are just too crazy less!

Outside I'm smiling, inside I'm screaming:

But this is my favourite shot of us.
Told you Legoland is not stingy with photos.
Staffs there are SUPER helpful.

*hints Hello Kitty Town management*

Spot Wyldstyle!

Though her words are simple and few
Listen, listen, she's calling to you
"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag
Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag"

Finally arrived at the entrance for LEGO® City!

Driving School

This, is only for kids.
I have a license but I cannot drive.

Promise I'll abide by the rules!
You'll get a LEGO® Drivers License too erhmerhgerd!

Tsk, even he gets to drive.

Complaining to the press about me not being able to drive.
No harm in having an extra license tbh.

Boating School

Dat bright sun.

Impressed that the Octopus and Pelican is made entirely out of LEGO®

Floating LEGO® people are so cute!

Asked Cookie whether the LEGO®s will corrode and he replied with:
Nahhh, the thing is made out of plastic. Should be super power and able to last as long.

Makes sense to me.

Basketball Games

*stares at Cookie*
No pressure.

*fumbles wallet*
Yeah, totes no pressure

He didn't win a dragon for me in the end.
With excuses like: The ball is so full of airrrrrrr and is so compressed!

But the game is like RM10 for 1 throw and RM20 for 3 throws.
Sooooo I'm not going to force him to spend another RM20 poor thing.

*pats head*

Snack Bar

Hello cute little ice-cream man you!

LEGO® City Airport

Cookie: You don't want go closer and have a look at this?
Me: *while running towards a shade* DOWAN GOT SUN.

LEGO® Rescue Academy

Cookie: What about th....
Me: *while standing under shade* YOU GO LAH I WAIT HERE.

The Rescue Academy actually has some mini game thingy going on. 
Where you have to put out fires and stop robbers and stuff.

Market Restaurant

Legoland's signature market concept restaurant.

Onward to the next Legoland post here and here!

bunnymama signing off


SSK said...

So nice! I wanna go too :D

Princess Bunny said...

Heh, should go at least once in your life. Maybe end of the year?? =DDD