Thursday, May 29, 2014

An Unwell Bunny

I've been feeling really under the weather for the past two weeks.
And I'm having a tiny migraine as I write this, it's really unpleasant.
Not forgetting tasteless food.

First it was migraines and insomnia.
Then came the cough and flu.
Then bleaarghfbiosdbritis.

I have no idea what is that, I just know that it's something to do with my eye.

Couldn't really talk for a few days too.
I took trips to the doctor 4 times in May, 4 freaking times.
And my meds cost a fortune.

Okay fine not a fortune, a small fortune.
I really hope that I get well soon.

Jumbo Kitty accompanying me on a sick day with The Fault in Our Stars

I've been reading TFIOS lately, because I refuse to watch the movie before reading about it.
And it's totally against my norm to read sad storybooks.

Oh wells, it's been awhile since I've started reading.
No harm in reading something about people with cancer in love.

Here's a random #ootd with the colleagues on a Monday.
We decided on denim.

I only own a pair of grey jeans.
For reals.

Shows how much I don't really like long pants. Heh

Also, decided to not change to a smaller font.
Enwei complained that my photos are too big and my fonts too small haha.
She's kinda right.

Gonna need some getting used to with normal sized fonts.

bunnymama signing off


Anonymous said...

You should really get some rest and don't work even if you're on MC. How can you recover? Plus I think you seemed to be overworked. Do hope compensation is given back to you by your company!

Take care!! :)

Princess Bunny said...

Harro you. =)

I will I will. Uhhh, claim limit has already been reached FML haha.