Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's in a Weekend 21: Happy Birthday Boo!

13th of April, 2013 marks the first day I met Cookie. Heh.
Shirley told me that Marcus is bringing one of his best friend over for brunch, and that he wanted to introduce me to him.
S also told me that he's kinda muscular, and I was like ppfftt so what. *flips hair*
No harm in getting to know new buddies tho!

I was late that morning, my alarm didn't go off.

And I rushed to S's house like MAD.
I super hate being late, and Panda (she was the one driving) was pissed at me.

Brunch was alright.
Me and him dropped S home after, and we decided that we'd catch a movie before we call it a day.
The movie was crap (some Malaysian made horror movie), and I was judging Cookie because he ate corn.
I hate corn.

But still I'm kind of happy because I met someone new.
Aaaaaand flattered because he asked for my number, and whatsapp-ed me something cheesy like:

Hey I just met you.
And this is crazy.
So here's my number,
Call me maybe?

50 points for being cheesy!
I secretly love cheesy pick-up lines.
Note: Dear love, work on more pick-up lines.

S asked later that day whether Cookie left a good impression, and I was like yeahhhh he was okay.
But I didn't like him. =p
What I liked at that moment was that he was a fan of Lana Del Rey, and you don't see alot of Lana lovers that time actually.

We didn't contact each other again for two months.
The occasional whatsapp was there, but it wasn't much.
And I was concentrating hard on my finals (OMG I had exams lol!)
And then everything went alright, I graduated and I landed myself an interview with Nuffnang.

Erhmerhgerd I knew NOTHING about advertising, and the interview was in less than a week.
The only person I know in advertising at that moment was Cookie, so I whatsapp-ed him.
We decided to go out during that Saturday itself, and I followed him around while he was working.
He bribed me with Mochi before he dropped me home too dammit!

tbh I learnt nothing that day LMAO! But at least I kinda understand it better?
I landed my first job, and things started off from there.

P.S: He even told me it was his first time seeing a girl getting a Pentakill in League.
I cannot flip my hair here tho, because it was AI.
And I was using Vayne lololol!

We became official in June.
♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・

Dug these photos out from the iPhone, pardon the quality.
Lucy met a guy (except dad and Kitty) for the first time.
(つω⊂* )

Sabby absolutely LOVES him too.
Look at Sabs bullying him around.
Normally it takes weeks,or maybe months for bunnies to get used to a person.
Okay maybe Sabs is not getting used to him, he is treating Cookie as his man-slave more methinks.

We've already been together for 9 months, but it definitely feels more than that.
Hmmm, I wonder why?

We're really lucky to have each other too because we don't quarrel much.
I don't mind clingy boyfriends, so he gives me all the attention I need.
Which is GREAT.

He taught me all the good things in life.
And was there for me every single time I was unhappy.

We had a super simple celebration, aka had dinner at Victoria's Station.
Note: The food quality is super bad now compared to last time, so avoid it lmao.
And spent the rest of the weekend staying at home watching lame movies and playing Diablo III.

We need more off days!

Happy Birthday love.

I wubs you!

bunnymama singing off