Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Random Bunny Thoughts

Something really random for the day night.

A close-up of Sebastian's face.

I like it when he wriggles his nose.
And when his ears perk up when you call him.

I also like it when he sits somewhere around the room
and as you're busy surfing the net/watching gameplay
he just sits there.

Sometimes he'll be sleeping at the corner of my bed
sometimes he'll be flopping near his corner by the shelf.

How can someone not own a pet?
They're the loveliest.

bunnymama signing off


Wy Lyn Ee said...

I used to own 2 fighting fish. Does that count? :P

Princess Bunny said...

I used to have one tooooo! I named my black one Knight. It died within a week. T_____T