Saturday, April 26, 2014

#NuffnangLovin' at W xyz @ Aloft KL Sentral

I actually had a quiet Friday night all planned out.
Reach home, play with Sabby, surf the net a bit and then head over to bed.

Buuuuuut nope.
I changed my mind last minute on a Thursday night, and was busy Whatsapping what I was going to wear on Friday with Adrian.

I told him I was going to wear this pastel dress and cardigan and he went:
Guuuurrrrlll you look like you're going on a picnic!

It was almost 12, so I was like:
Okay nemai I sleep first G'night.

Was in charge of registration, again.
*flips hair*

With Xingyi, Adrian and Sam.
P.S: XY was complaining about how fat she looks in this photo, and I was just like. WTF which part??!!

Harro Vanessa
Got an extra selfie with her because she was hanging nearby the registration booth for photos.

Pretty Comm Exec Jen.
Comm execs always have naise hair!

Didn't get to selfie with the rest of the team because most of us were busy running about.

I love this part of the place!

A closer shot of the bar.

Compressed watermelon, with cheese and something that tastes like bacon (but it's not).

California Maki (if I'm not mistaken) with alfalfa toppings

Aaaaaaand the highlight for the night, Paperplane Pursuit!
Have to thank MTV Asia for this, making us very very lucky Nuffies!

It was really funny when they were performing "Because of your Love" 'cause us Nuffies know the song, but we kinda sang it like this:


instead of the original lyrics.

Stayed behind with Adrian when the rest went for the Aloft tour.
I couldn't walk that much in my heels.

Oh wells, at least I get to pretend to have a shot at pool.

Live updates from Aloft.
I purposely Instagram-ed for this LOL!

And finally, a group shot of the team that helped made this work!
Much much loveeeeeeeee.

Ehh, but wait!
The night's not over yet for us Nuffies tho.

I blogged about how awesome that Aloft has a Kinect here.
Aaaaand now that we have more than 4 people around OF COURSE I DRAGGED THEM IN FOR A DANCE HUEHUEHUE.

I have videos of course.
But nahhhh, screenshots will do, for now??

What went through all of our minds right now:
No face in Aloft already FOLs so noisy.

Uncle that is totally judging us from behind.

My expression when I won two dances (Ooops I did it again. Geddit geddit!) in a row.
Call me, The Jazz Bunny thanks.

Here is Eric totally conquering the dance floor with "Call Me Maybe"
Seriously I was crying so hard throughout the whole thing I don't even.

Some of our bloggers even hung around and watched us LMAO.
Please don't judge us kays we wuv youuuu!

Also I have to thank Sam for dropping me home, and also Mijel and Adrian for waiting up.
Had such a great night!

Nuffnang should totally invest in a Kinect btw.
Since we already have an Xbox and a Wii, why not?

bunnymama signing off

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