Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party

Spent the Sunday helping out at the #NeoGalHE party.

Nothing much to blog about really, and there'll be a bit more pictures.
Photos are not that clear because Signature, The Roof is a bit dark.

Plus, I was running all over the place.

Aaaaand tbh I have no idea what Neo Gal fashion is.

Oh wells

Me and Michelle at registration.

Hair Chalk Booth

The really really cute Dessert Table by Customates

Cheesie's DIY Cupcake Corner

The Lavender Photo Booth

The Rose Photo Booth

We printed so many of these cute little photos at BOTH the booths.

Thank you so much for letting us hog this MyPhotoBooth!

Manicure Booth

Q&A Session with the bloggers.
From left: Shea, MiaSuraya, Fourfeetnine, Chuckei, Cheeserland, Bwincessnana and Bobostephanie

Representatives from Number76 that helped Cheesie and Jane style their hair.

Finally got to see Jane's DJ-ing skills that day too.

In the end, the whole team was really grateful that everything went smoothly.
We had a great night too

Till then!

bunnymama signing off

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