Monday, March 17, 2014

What's in a Weekend 19

Was supposed to head over to FMFA on Saturday.
But thanks to certain cases, it got cancelled.
( ̄~ ̄;)

It wasn't meant to be anyways.
And the only person bunny happy about this is Sabby, because we could spend more time with him on a Saturday night.
I'm always out on a Saturday night tbh.

Ended up watching Thor II with the family too.

This is Sabs wanting attention from Cookie.
But he was too busy installing Pokemon on his phone.
Soooooooo, the poor thing hopped off towards me in the end instead.

Sometimes, I'm really glad I know these people.
Makes working on a Sunday night much much better.

Anyways, sorry boo.
You know I'm not doing it on purpose. Right? Right?

Went to an adorable cafe during the weekends too!
Gonna blog about it sometime soooooooon.

bunnymama signing off

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