Monday, March 10, 2014

What's in a Weekend 18: Watsons Move Your Body!

Do you know World Health Day is coming?
Heh, I bet you don't.

I go to the gym a few times a week, and everyday I workout/train different parts of my body.

I've never liked blogging about my gym regime, because 
one: I'm still not in great shape 
two: I am not experienced
three: I'm still trying out different things everyday

Everyone is not built the same way, even me.

I started going to the gym early December last year, and I followed blindly what Cookie did.
I grew wider, I had muscles, my legs (I once had great legs. T_T) and thighs became huge.
Lots of weights going on, and less cardio.

Not she-hulk level yet but that was what happened in a month.

I was shocked at how big I grew and my confidence level decreased so so much.
Even Dad and Panda went: "Wah Jie! You're damn fat lah!"
Heck I am so ashamed to walk in public sometimes, afraid that people will laugh at my size.

Maybe everything is in my head. But still.

Buuuut, there was something good that came out from this.
And that is that I am less flabby now.
I even have a smaller tummy. *flips hair*

I'm still meaty yes, but I am less Michelin-ish.

So now I kinda know what I'm doing, and how much I think I should lift.

I ignored my weight (I've gained about 4kgs now, and weigh over 50) and concentrated on what I can see instead.
As what Cookie, Adrian, Shah, Darren and Hans told me.

Plus what's important now is that I'm feeling so much better (and happier) with what I'm doing.

Watsons, along with Hitz.FM are now calling Malaysians to get fit and healthy with it's 'Move Your Body' campaign.

What? When and where you say?

When: 30th March 2014, 8am
Where: Sunway Lagoon
Tickets: MYB tickets can be purchased at RM30 (NP: RM120) with any purchase from Watsons.
(Only available in Watsons Klang Valley & Negeri Sembilan)

Sooooooo there's also this contest that looks something like this

And here's our version that looks something like this


I have to admit that this is the most embarrassing thing I have ever done in my entire LIFE.

But oh well, it shows that we're fit and healthy. 
*flips hair*

I definitely know tons of people out there that can dance better than this (DUH!)
So why not give it a go and submit your video and stand a chance to win RM5000 in cash and also dance with the Hitz.FM crew on the 30th March?

You can look out for more deets here or head over to Watson Malaysia Facebook page here !

Also NOT forgetting to thank all the special people who went crazy with me!

and also the guy behind the camera, Lance.

G'luck bunniesss!

bunnymama signing off


naeust said...

WAH POWDERFUL MAN that Song girls so fierce!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Your guys are so synchronized and dance so well too! Nothing to be embarrassed about :P

Princess Bunny said...

Hey Hilda!

Ahahahah, we're still shy about it tho. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ