Sunday, March 2, 2014

What's in a Weekend 17: Water Rationing, Haze & Cookie Run

 The weekend includes staying at home and resting.
Was supposed to go out with Kerry actually, but I guess she's too busy with her stuff.

One thing that bothers me now is the water rationing in Malaysia.
You can read about it here.
Fark 2.2 million consumers life.
And I am included in the 2.2 million.
A few weeks ago I've only had 2 days with water, and the rest of the week I had to shower in the gym.
Imagine reaching home after 9pm, when you finish work at 630pm.
What is this logic.

Another thing is the weather.
Where is this bloody haze coming from?
I can even smell it in my living room wth?
Apparently, according to this , it's from us. *facepalms*
And also the fact that it had not rained for awhile here in Malaysia.

Thank goodness Sabs lives with us.

Al Pacasso ftw!
Went to KLCC for awhile after we've attended Sunday mass.
And I brought Kitty and Cookie to Isetan for a walk.
(♥ω♥ ) ~♪
Such fluffy creatures!

The aunty behind is totally judging us.
Whatevs, Robocop mask ftw.

Totoro Plushies!
 On a side note.
My legs are growing bigger because of all the squats I've been doing in the gym FML.
I'm kinda neither-here-nor-there looking now heh. (In other words, I'm kinda bigger sized.)
Oh well, a few more years to go to look healthy.

LINE Cookie Run
New game I've gotten myself addicted to this week, thanks to SerLi.
I played the old one previously and they certainly did not have all these power ups and stuff.
I mad love my Princess Cookie and her pet btw.
First place is not easy to get mind you.
It is so annoying when I get notifications about people passing my high score.
And I'll be like NO WAY!
And play until I at least pass someone LOL!
Why am I not this competitive when it comes to studying.

I need a new phone. =(
My photos are pixelated.

I always have the feeling that weekends passes by too quickly.
One moment it's "yay TGIF!"
Then next day it'll be "Wut it's already Monday?"


Bunnymama singing off

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