Monday, February 17, 2014

What's in a Weekend 15: Of Valentine's and Birthdays

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's to all!! =)
And also a Happy Birthday to Panda .

Was surprised when I reached the office that Friday morning because I saw this on my table

I'm still upset I cannot embed photos from Instagram. *pouts*
But anyways, was super happy Cookie sent me pink roses that day. =')
What's funnier was that I saw a sticky note from my colleague Antony on top of Cookie's note LOL!

Also, the Nuffie office has this #LoveWeek thingy going on during Valentine's week.
I must say all us Nuffies have never been so happy.
To be honest we love getting motivational notes/receiving presents randomly from people.
And #LoveWeek was the best thing that happened to all of us.

My human was Ban btw.
I gave him a warning letter (Serli, our HR helped issue it LOL!), some cheap bird's nest drink, thisthis and some other stuff.
I must say it was kinda amusing watching those people hunting for stuff from their #NuffiesAngel .
I had to ask Willy and Darren to hint Ban twice before he could find his Java Frap.

I wonder who my #NuffiesAngel is?

After lunch, I decided to snip away half my bouquet of roses (with Cookie's permission) and gave them to the workers at the mamak and also the security guard that works in my building.
Everyone that received this smiled back and thanked me.
The dishwasher kakak even told me that this is the prettiest rose she has ever received in her life.
This made me smile.
I didn't realize how one small rose can make someone so happy.
And I must say that I was feeling really awesome myself.

I guess it's really nice that someone appreciates you once in awhile. Heh

All our flowers are sharing the same home btw.
And now resides on Song's desk.

This was how I spent my Valentine's.
With drive-thru McDonald's and Audrey Hepburn.
Cookie and I decided to postpone our Valentine's because I refuse to get caught in that "Valentine's Crowd" in KL.
Imagine driving over to some place and you spend 45 minutes to get there/looking for a place to park, another 45 minutes to look for a restaurant, and after all that hoo-ha another 45 minutes to get home.

Nope. Not going to go thru that.

Cookie got me a purse for Valentine's.
FINALLY, a proper purse.
Red was never my colour tho, but whatevs.
I'll try and rock this.

Happy Birthday Kitty and Panda!

Oh look how big they've grownnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
A few years back Kitty couldn't even pick up a guitar and Panda didn't even know how to drive.
*pats head*

No food pictures because me and Cookie reached D'italiane late. =/
But look at how cute the cupcakes are!

Bunny and sports themed cupcakes ftw!

Not a Note 3 photo. *coughs*

You don't see alot of camwhores of myself recently because my hair kinda looks like a lala now.
I hope it grows as soon.


Met up with my godparents too after the dinner.
The last time I remember seeing them was during Chinese New year last year.
Goodness how time flies.

At first we couldn't find the place.
Merdekarya was so secluded we had to enter thru a backdoor.

But I was really surprised with all the local talents that performed that night.
I didn't know all of them were so talented!
One of the reasons why we were there was to see Brandon perform as an invited guest for Jumero.
Also saw some of the band members for Seven Days of Sunny June. (Me love!)
I'll be appreciating local talents more now after today thank you.

You can look for Merdekarya's Facebook here and official page here:

352 (1st Floor)
Jalan 5/57,
Petaling Garden,
46000 PJ.

bunnymama signing off

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