Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pre-Christmas Trip to Pangkor!

Finally! After weeks of procrastinating. Ze December Pangkor trip is finally up!
All of us took leave Thursday and Friday so we can avoid the weekend crowd. (And we were super glad we did.)

Where we went:

The Dutch Fort

I heard it is over 330 years old, and was built in 1670. The reason why the Dutch built this was to protect their tin supplies from pirates and local Malays (Hah, why?). Aaaand, as time goes by the locals were unhappy with the Dutch so they destroyed it 20 years later LOLOL!

This is me refusing to go out in the sun, and granny who is too old to walk around the fort. Heh

This puffer fish thingy makes my hair stand ew!
They're selling it there for RM90 EACH.

What in the world would I do with this.

Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple

Panda the family photographer.

I've almost forgotten about the Chinese temple here. =) Tourists like visiting and praying here to get blessings from God and also make their wish in this temple because they believe it will come true. 

Fu Lin Kong also has lots of alcoves and ponds!

Another special thing about the temple here is that there is a mini Great Wall of China built inside of it.

This is dad making a fool of himself as usual.

With Kitty.
I was still hiding from the sun btw. =p

Teluk Dalam Resort

Went back to our resort and played by the beach a little.
Note: Because there was no sun. =DD

Plus we got this super awesome spot where we were facing the beach!

Declaring our love for Sebastian.

Declaring my love for Cookie

Might write a mini entry about the resort soon (I hope?). =)
Realized that there're too many things to fit in a blogpost.

Till then.

bunnymama signing off

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