Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Churpremiere]Monuments Men

I was actually interested in the movie because of the art (seriously) and not the cast.
Don't get me wrong, who would not be in love with Damon and Clooney.
P.S: Clooney co-wrote, produced and directed the film too.

Also I've gained interest in the Ghent alterpiece because of MM.
(See, told you I'm kinda interested in art.)

The movie was a little, well it was alright to me. But Cookie found it really stale.

And apparently, after doing some read-ups here and there.
Real Monuments Men (and women) do exist here .
How cool is that!

Basically they are a team of experts (gathered by Stokes) trying to stop the Nazis from looting objects/art from Europe during the second world war.
Aaaaaand the team of 7 people are all either art curators, historians or directors.
In other words, they are not trained for war. =/
But it is really inspiring seeing these people who'd risk their lives to protect all forms of art and culture.

On a side note:
It is not reeeaaallyy advisable for people who are not as interested with what happened during the world war/art.
(´﹏` )

Monuments Men official trailer below and official website here:

Self-obligatory selfie:

Him being stupid for not wanting to have a proper photo taken:

Also not forgetting to thank ChurpChurp, Nuffnang and GSC for the tickets!

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