Sunday, January 19, 2014

What's in a weekend 12: Hello there Roti Man!

Squealed with delight when I saw the Roti-man today! =)

I remember I always had to ask for money from mom just for snacks from the Roti-man.
And I'd run out, feeling so excited.

I'm still as excited as I flagged the Roti-man down.
And did the usual walk around his motorcycle.

Cookie looked at me funny when I was buying so much crap from him heh.
Then surprisingly, he bought something from the Roti-man himself too.

Some random mini fake Gundam thingy.
He was shocked that this thing only costs around RM2? (He thought it would be RM5 but I was like wtf no.)

Lemme tell you one thing, he had a hard time putting this together.

Reason being that it does not come with a manual.

I on the other hand bought a packet of Batu Serembans.
And Sabby was attacking these all the while I was playing because he thought they were treats.
Jumped up on the bed-table all by himself mind you.

Imagine a flying bunny. =/

bunnymama signing off

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